Year 3

Creating ‘found poems’

In  Year 3 we are loving our new class novel ‘Lob’ by Linda Newberry. We have been creating ‘found poems’ using text from the story, drawing our own story boards and writing about Grandpa’s beautiful garden. We have also been hard at work planting vegetables in our own garden on the school field.

The Garden by Gary 3KH

When Lucy walked into the beautiful sunny garden, she could see red, angry ants. They were stealing food from the kitchen. She saw a red tulip which also had yellow in the centre.

Lucy could hear a hedgehog digging for ants in the hedge. She could also hear birds flying, tweeting in the air. It made her feel happy to hear the birds singing. The neighbour was cutting the long, tall grass with a shiny lawnmower which sounded like a train.

Lucy smelt grass that the dog ran all over and grandpa cooking carrots in the kitchen.

She felt some blueberries that were hard but soft hen you squished them. She felt poison ivy and it made her dizzy.

Lucy thought she saw a tree move in mid air. Was it her imagination or Lob?


Grandpa’s Garden by Ahab 3KH

Looking out the window, Lucy saw little shoots growing bigger and bigger. She also saw golden eagles gliding into the garden to catch some prey. Lucy wondered if Lob would appear somewhere and then wouldn’t fade away. She felt blossom falling from a tree. She felt warm inside but when she went outside she was freezing cold.

As she walked along the garden path, Lucy could smell mint that reminded her of her yucky toothpaste and she smelled carrots. She hears robins rapping and trees whistling. She could also hear the next door neighbour using a lawn mower that sounded like a lion roaring. She felt bushes pushing her arms.

At  the bottom of the garden, Lucy saw a shadow with green shiny eyes but then it faded away quickly.