Year 5

Year 5 Visit to the Synagogue

On Thursday 12th July, it was Year 5’s turn to visit the Norwich synagogue. After a long, brisk walk there, our year group was divided into two groups. One group went into the main hall to learn about Judaism in general, whilst the other group learned about the practice of Shabbat.

It was a fantastic experience and the children were not only really interested in all that was being taught, but also thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to handle the artefacts and participate in a mini mock-up of Shabbat too.

Please enjoy the photographs of the many things the children saw and did whilst they were there.

I learnt that their special scroll, the Torah scroll, is very important to them. They cannot touch it because they would leave marks and it would be disrespectful to God. The Torah scroll is made from stretched animal skin called parchment. However, it feels like plastic and the deer skin one felt soft and fluffy.” Sarah

My favourite part was when we got to try the wine (grape juice) and the special bread (challah loaf). Although I liked that, I also enjoyed learning what parchment is really made from.” Lily E

We learned a lot of things such as: They wear a small hat called a ‘Kippah’, they do not eat pork and they have a special candle holder named a ‘menorah’. Every Friday, they have a day called a rest day. They celebrate this by having a very special meal time. They use the plaited menorah candle and a Shabbat candle to celebrate light and fire.” Sophia L

I have learnt that every Friday when the sun goes down, they set up the table and the woman of the family puts a scarf over her head and lights the two candles, called ‘Shabbat candles’, which are very important.” Samantha

We looked at some clothing, which was a ‘Kippah’, which traditionally men wear on their heads and a ‘Talut’ which drapes over their shoulders” Lucy E

… All in all, it was an educating, exciting experience that I think all of the other pupils loved as well!” Maggie