Year 4

Year 4 Oobleck Science Investigation

This week, Year 4 have been investigating the state of Oobleck. They were asked to discover whether it was a solid or a liquid. These are some of their comments:

“We were surprised as it started off as a solid and ended up as liquid.” – Daniel and Jesse

“It felt like slime, but solid slime!” Ruth and Maja.

“I thought it would have been just like a liquid and not a solid.” – Frankie and Ahab.

“Playing with it was hard, fiddly and fun, plus it was hard to work with and if people punched it, it would turn hard but if we gently rest your finger on it, it would be a liquid.” Esmae and Ahi.

“We used Ooblick to squish about with the states of matter. Squishy, slimy and fun!” Noah and James.

“It was like a solid at first, but a bit afterwards, it was like slime. Ours dried up very quickly.” Kane

“It felt hard but really gooey, you could roll it up in a ball, but when you let it go it would turn into slime.” Ella and Lilly-Rose

“It was strange because it was squishy, gooey and fun!” William

“It was all gooey and slimy but when I touched it with my fingers, it was hard to get off again.” Harley.

Someone even cried out with excitement – “IT’S MAGIC!”

What they discovered was that it is a substance that acts like a liquid which can be poured, but that acts like a solid when you apply force to it by pushing it or squeezing it. It’s made by mixing cornflour with water. Oobleck is a non-newtonian fluid.