Year 4

Year 4 Roman Day at Norwich Castle

On Thursday 28th September, Year 4 spent the day at Norwich Castle learning about the Romans and the Iceni tribe. The day was set some twenty years after Boudica’s revolt, and the children got to meet Roman and Iceni characters as they explained and reflected back on their two very different cultures.

The children made an Iceni torcs with a character called Ketha whilst Marcus let us handle some real and imitation Roman objects. The children also met Marak, an Iceni tribe member who taught us about life when the Romans were invading and settling in Norfolk, bringing their own way of life. The children particularly enjoyed meeting Brutus, the Roman solider who presented his arguments for the invasion of the Iceni and taught us about how disciplined the Roman army are.

We hope you enjoy looking at the following pictures of our time there.