Year 4

Year 4 Anglian Water Day 2017

On Tuesday 31st October, Year 4 were visited by Richard from Anglian Water. He came to demonstrate how important it is not to waste water and suggested easy ways to prevent us from doing so.

We had lots of ‘hands on’ activities which included seeing how much water is wasted if we leave the tap running while we clean our teeth, trying to clean paint from some pots, using the least water possible and finally, making a cocktail of  sewerage from fat, water, ‘wee’, ‘poo’, washing powder, baby wipes, toilet paper and t-bags; the worst ingredient of all is when people put cotton wool buds down the toilet as they are hard to filter out and end up in rivers etc.

Hopefully, we have all been inspired to save water, energy and money by using water wisely and becoming ‘sewer-wise’!’