Year 3

Mummifying Tomatoes by Ruby 3KH

Before mummification our tomato looked life a small, bright red apple or a weird football. It felt a bit like a rotted, squidgy apple which is bumped and bruised. It was nice and smooth. It smelt like  pumpkin and I did not like the smell.

What we did:

  1. First, we wet the tomato with water. The Egyptians washed the body with frankincense and cedar wood oil.
  2. Next, we cut a small bit out of the tomato. The Egyptians cut a small incision so they could take out the liver, intestines, stomach and lungs.
  3. Then, we took out the insides of the tomato and dried it. The Egyptians took out the liver, intestines stomach and lungs.
  4. Finally, we mixed 8 spoons of salt and 1 spoon of bicarbonate of soda. The Egyptians used natron salt instead to dry the body.

Mummifying Tomatoes by Jimmy 3KH

First, we washed the tomato with a special oil.

Next, we used a knife to cut the  tomato open and took the insides out.

Finally, we filled the tomato with salt to stop it rotting and put it in a plastic bag.

*Egyptian mummified were then left for 40 days to dry before being wrapped in linen bandages. We will leave our tomatoes until after half term and then observe how they have changed.