Year 5

Year 5’s Space Topic

To kickstart year 5’s Space topic, this week in science 5LW have been learning about our solar system. After learning about the Sun and the order of the planets, each table was provided with 8 pieces of fruit and told that each fruit represented the size of a planet on a much smaller scale. 5LW worked as detectives with a set of clues to decide which fruit represented which planet and place them in the correct order. We were surprised to find out that if the Earth was the size of a cherry tomato, then Jupiter would be the size of a melon and Mercury would be the size of a tiny peppercorn!

Next, we used toilet roll to build a scale model of the solar system. Using a scale where 1 square of toilet paper: 57,910,000km (the distance between the Sun and Mercury), Earth would be 2.5 pieces of toilet paper away from the Sun whereas Neptune would be 76.3 pieces away!