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Voting for CJS 2018/19 Executive CJS Representatives

On Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th September, thirty-six candidates from Year 6 shared their presentations in front of the whole school. A big WELL DONE to all the candidates who confidently and eloquently explained why they would like to be elected.

On Wednesday 26th September in the afternoon, a democratic election process to elect officers for the three key roles of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer took place. It was going to be a tough choice for pupils to only be able to choose one person for each role.

A voting station was created in the dining room. Everyone completed their voting card and posting it in their classes’ ballot box.

Votes were counted during the afternoon and during Celebration assembly on Friday, the winners were announced.

Congratulations to the following who were elected for CJS School Council 2018/19 roles.

Chairperson – Jasper
Secretary – Alice S
Treasurer – Felix