Year 6

Personified Seasons

In Year 6 we started the new year  by thinking about the four seasons and how they might move, speak and act if they were humans. We have used personification in our poems to create an impression of each season.

‘Winter’ by Omar

Winter prowled,
Through the gaunt trees,
Hushing animals as he limped ahead.
His back was death,
His hair was chaos.
He was evil,
His heart was cold.

Winter skulked,
Through the wood,
Mangling trees with a swish of his cloak.
He was evil,
His heart was cold.

Winter crept,
His legs blocks of ice.
“Beware of the cold,” he said.
He was evil,
His heart was cold.

‘Autumn’ by Jasper

Autumn bounded through the trees,
Touching bark and bough;
And when he landed on a branch,
He shook it till the leaves all fell.

Autumn strode up the street,
Giggling to himself;
And when he got to a house,
Helped himself to their delicious sweets/
“Yum,” he thought to himself,
as back he slowly danced.

Autumn raced through a sea,
Of orange and gold;
But when he looked behind him,
He saw winter had crept behind,
Holding death’s cruel scythe,
As winter devoured all around.

‘Spring’ by Chelsea

Spring danced,
“Time to grow,” he sang,
While the flowers nodded,
Glistening in the cool sun.

Spring skipped,
Calmly he breathed the fresh air,
It was a stunning smell.
The ancient oak trees froze,
Like a game of musical statues.

‘Spring’ by Felix

Spring danced,
Through the blossoming wood,
“Let it grow!” he sang,
The flowers dancing around him,
Under the bright, dazzling sun.

Spring hopped about,
By the shining sea,
It playfully tossed pebbles about,
“Look at this beauty,” he laughed.