School Council

Mudeka Foundation

On Monday 14th March, as part of our School Council work to promote helping others internationally, we invited both Anna Mudeka, the founder of the Mudeka Foundation and Elizabeth Louis, the Education Officer into school, to talk to us about the Feeding Programme.

During the course of the day, both Anna and Elizabeth spent a lesson with each year group; explaining how and why the Feeding Programme was set up and how as a school we can help.

We learnt that the Foundation set up a Feeding Programme early in 2016, providing a daily “porridge” (sadza) meal for key stage 1 children. They shared with us that children in Zimbabwe are often hungry and tired when they arrived at school. Many children have to walk a long way to attend school every day and are often so tired they fall asleep and don’t learn due to lack of breakfast. So knowing that the children were often sharing meals with their hungry siblings, they rapidly extended the programme to all primary school pupils.  This costs 16p a day per child and currently 350 children are fed. This meal is prepared and distributed by community members.

Anna and Elizabeth also shared their latest project, which is to provide a water well for the children, so they can access clean water.

Anna also got us all up to join her in some singing and dancing!

The School Council were given the opportunity to ask questions which had previously been collated during a School Council meeting.

As you can see, there were lots of interesting questions generated from looking at the Mudeka Foundation website:

As a school, to support the foundation, we will be running a sponsored walk during the morning of Friday 29th March around our school field. We aim to raise £1,120 which will support the 350 children each day for a month.

So please try to get lots of sponsors to help us with this very worthy cause!

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