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Year 3 PHSE Letter

Year 3 Letter re English & Maths Class Structure

After School Tennis Club

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Mudeka Foundation Sponsored Walk

As a school, we beat our target and raised a staggering £1993.49 to support the Feeding Programme of The Mudeka Foundation work in Zimbabwe. This amount will feed the 350 children in the school for 6 weeks!

Thank you for all of your support.

Ms Smith
Executive School Council

Sponsored Walk

The weather was most definitely on our side on Friday 29th March when the entire school spent an hour clocking up laps of the school field for our sponsored walk. We were raising money to support the Feeding Programme of The Mudeka Foundation’s work in Zimbabwe. As the sun shone down, each child and their walking partner, tried to walk as many times as they could, around our huge field. The atmosphere was of full of determination and fun. In total the school walked 1,940 laps which equal just under 500 miles: an amazing achievement. We set a target of £1,120, which would help support 350 school children every day for a month and we are really proud to announce we have raised an astonishing £1959.99

Thank you so much to all the energetic children and to all their generous sponsors.

Easter Eggtastic Creations and Easter Jarping

The CJS Easter tradition of making eggtastic entries for our decorate-an-egg competition and bringing a hardboiled egg for Jarping, created great excitement on Thursday 4th April. Mr Ellis visited school during the morning to carry on the Colman tradition, by being the head judge supported by the year 5 School Council representatives.

Easter Eggtastic Creations

As you can see from the photos below, the competition was full of innovative creations which meant that the judging took a while!

Congratulations and well done to all of you who entered.

Easter Eggtastic winners for 2019:

Year 3 – Daniel

Year 4 – Lexi

Year 5 – Ebony

Year 6 – Lauren


Food Tasting

On Thursday 4th April, Amanda Cooper and her team from Norse catering, visited school to share the new Summer/Autumn menu during our assembly. Earlier in the year, the School Council had met with Amanda, to give her feedback on the dishes that CJS pupils enjoyed and their ideas for other dishes would like to be considered. During lunchtime, everyone was invited in to 3RS, to sample the new delights on the menu. There was a mixture of sweet and savoury dishes to try, and as you can see from the photos and comments below, we really enjoyed the new additions on the menu.

‘The beetroot brownie was amazing! ‘

‘I really liked the noodles which surprised me.’

‘I loved the chicken noodles.’

‘The lemon cake was YUM.’

‘I couldn’t even tell there was beetroot in the brownie.’

‘The tuna pasta was great.’

‘The chicken noodles were awesome and the lemon cake was too.’

‘The brownies were amazing and I couldn’t taste the beetroot at all.’

‘The noodles were the BEST.’

‘Great pasta and sauce.’

‘Everything is DELICIOUS!’

Bouncing Eggs

Following our recent Science week Year 6 tried bouncing the raw eggs which have been soaking in vinegar. As you can see, it worked! Happy Easter everyone!

Clubs Summer Term 2019


Many thanks for all the very kind donations to create our food mountain onFriday 22nd March 2019.

Rob Lloyd Jones Visit

Children enjoyed a visit from Rob Lloyd Jones, author of the Jake Atlas series. The books are inspired by his background as an Egyptologist  and his love of treasure. Rob explained where he gets his ideas and also spoke about how he came to develop a love of reading and books despite hating books as a child. It’s great to see so many children already getting lost in the world of Jake Atlas… tomb robber, treasure hunter and troublemaker!