Carnival Technology Day

5LW have had a really fun and engaging day today making Brazilian carnival costumes and props. They each made their own tabard and rainforest animal mask to wear, and then they made animal structures to carry made out of willow, cling film and tissue paper. Everyone worked really hard to get these finished and it was fantastic to see everyone supporting and helping each other. We look forward to showing off our work, along with our samba dances that we have created in PE, in a carnival procession after half term.

Y5 Casma Performance

For the past term, year 5 have been learning songs themed around the 6 Indian seasons, some of which are in other languages such as Tamil and Hindi. On Wednesday, 33 of our year 5’s had a full afternoon rehearsing these songs and learning dances at the OPEN venue in Norwich before the evening performance in which they performed as part of a 300 strong choir alongside the band Keyo. This was a fantastic experience for these year 5’s, and the event was enjoyed by all.

Year 3 Egyptian Day

Year 3 Egyptian Day by Henry 3KH

On Tuesday, we went to Norwich Castle because we are learning about Egypt.

First, we went with Dr Derry and looked at some very, very interesting Egyptian things like shiny, blue scarab beetles.

Secondly, we smelt some oil called frankincense, saw an obsidian knife and looked at mummies with Professor Parry.

After a yummy lunch, we saw what people in Egypt had for breakfast and tried on some Egyptian clothes.

Last but not least, we made some reflecting, pretty Egyptian necklaces with all different colours like red, green, gold and silver.

Year 3 Egyptian Day by Noam 3KH

In the morning, we went to Norwich Castle to learn a bit more about ancient Egypt.

First, we went with Dr Derry to look at some incredibly ancient Egyptian artefacts. She told us a story about some Egyptian gods because it related to all the models and shabtis. We saw a replica of the Rosetta Stone  and a canopic jar.

Next, we went with Professor Parry. She showed us a fake mummy although we couldn’t touch it. She showed us a sharp, tough obsidian knife which the ancient Egyptians used to make a cut in the mummy and take out body parts.

After that, we met Amunet who told us all about life in ancient Egypt. They ate things like sweet, juicy pomegranate, crunchy, brown cinnamon and dry, black figs.

Finally, we went with Ahmut Muhn to make some shiny, golden (not real gold) necklaces. In one of the pictures there was one with a scarab beetle to give good luck to the wearer although it was blue and not real.

Mummifying Tomatoes by Ruby 3KH

Before mummification our tomato looked life a small, bright red apple or a weird football. It felt a bit like a rotted, squidgy apple which is bumped and bruised. It was nice and smooth. It smelt like  pumpkin and I did not like the smell.

What we did:

  1. First, we wet the tomato with water. The Egyptians washed the body with frankincense and cedar wood oil.
  2. Next, we cut a small bit out of the tomato. The Egyptians cut a small incision so they could take out the liver, intestines, stomach and lungs.
  3. Then, we took out the insides of the tomato and dried it. The Egyptians took out the liver, intestines stomach and lungs.
  4. Finally, we mixed 8 spoons of salt and 1 spoon of bicarbonate of soda. The Egyptians used natron salt instead to dry the body.

Mummifying Tomatoes by Jimmy 3KH

First, we washed the tomato with a special oil.

Next, we used a knife to cut the  tomato open and took the insides out.

Finally, we filled the tomato with salt to stop it rotting and put it in a plastic bag.

*Egyptian mummified were then left for 40 days to dry before being wrapped in linen bandages. We will leave our tomatoes until after half term and then observe how they have changed.

Mitch Johnson Author Visit

Last week children in Year 5 and 6 enjoyed meeting  Mitch Johnson and hearing all about his debut novel, Kick.

Kick tells the story of twelve-year-old Budi, an Indonesian boy who works in a sweatshop and dreams of becoming a footballer. The novel is endorsed by Amnesty International UK because it upholds and illuminates many children’s rights. The event encouraged us all to think about where in the world our clothes are made and the conditions facing workers.

There was an opportunity for children to buy signed copies of the book, which we also have in our school library and it has been fantastic to see so many children reading Budi’s story for themselves.

5HS argue for or against the destruction of the rainforest

All groups gave very strong arguments with those arguing against deforestation narrowly winning the debate.

Save our rainforest – save our world!

Stop the chop!

Have a ❤ – do your part!

Telling The Time

In Year 3 we have been working hard on telling the time.  Why not try this game at home to keep practising?

Year 3 Ancient Egyptians

Year 3 have been busy in Topic lessons learning about the Ancient Egyptians; all the different Gods they believed in, understanding the hieroglyphs they wrote with and this week we even made our very own tomato mummies!

Here are some photos of us washing the tomatoes, cutting them open, scooping out their insides, making the natron mixture (salt and bicarbonate of soda) and filling and covering the tomato with the mixture.

We will now leave the tomatoes for 70 days to see what happens to them. (We even left one tomato un-mummified to see what happens to that too – we predict it will be pretty disgusting!)

We’ll let you know how we get on!

Year 3 Maths

In Year 3 we have been working  hard on our related addition facts. E.g. if we know 6+5=11 then we also know 60+50=110 and 600+500=1,100.

Here you can see us solving a Maths puzzle using our new skills.

Water Aid Assembly

On Monday 8th January, Geoff Moulton came into assembly, to share with us the amazing work Water Aid complete around the world. During the assembly, he make us aware that many people across the world do not benefit from clean water and decent toilets. With the help from donations, Water Aid have transform millions of lives every year in 28 countries with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

On Friday 12th January, we are having a Non-uniform day to raise money for Water Aid by bringing in a £1 and wearing blue and white.

Y6 Christmas Stockings

For the last couple of weeks of term the children in year 6 have been busy with a D & T project- using a range of stitches to construct a Christmas stocking. These should by now be on the way home- results from both classes in photos below.

Year 4 Festive Feast!

Today Year 4 had their Christmas parties. We had great fun playing some games in the hall before setting up our tables and eating our delicious food.

The children had got in groups prior to the event, working well to create a balanced, festive feast for all those at their table; ensuring that everyone in the group was considered and making compromises when necessary so that everyone was happy with the choices.

As you can see from these pictures, the children had a lovely time.