Cathedral Choir Project

On Thursday 16th March, 23 children in Years 5 and 6 had the wonderful opportunity to sing at Norwich Cathedral as part of a schools’ project. Leading up to the event, we had some brilliant workshops in school run by the Head of Vocal studies at Norwich School. The children worked very hard learning all the songs for memory and learning their different parts.

Despite an eventful journey to the Cathedral after the mini bus broke down, the concert was fantastic and the children sung brilliantly. We were also able to hear a demonstration of the Cathedral Organ (the fourth biggest organ in the world!) and enjoyed listening to the professional Cathedral Choir sing to us.

A huge congratulations must go to all the children who took part. Thank you as well to all the families who were able to come to the concert and show their support, it made it even more exciting seeing you in the audience!

Year 3 Pirate Sleepover

Year 3 had a fantastic time at their pirate sleepover last Friday night. As well as reading co-ordinates to find hidden treasure, making boats, toasting  marshmallows and getting dressed up, we all stayed the night in the school hall. We were extremely impressed by the children who all embraced the new experience and made CJS’s first ever  sleepover a  great success. A big thank you to the adults who stayed to help!

Year 3 Rocks

In Year 3 we have been learning about what’s below our feet. As budding geologists we have studied the properties of rocks and are busy putting together a rock museum. Here you can see us making playdough models of the Earth. We then cut them in half to reveal the core, the outer core, the mantle and the rocky crust.

You can find out more about rocks and soils here:

BBC – KS2 Bitesize Science – Rocks and soils : Read
A key stage 2 revision and recap resource for science covering rocks and soils.

World Book Day 2017

We celebrated the 20th anniversary of World Book Day in style at CJS with a variety of events. Everyone looked fantastic in their pyjamas ready for our bedtime story sessions. It was great to hear different members of staff reading their favourite  story. We also had a huge response to our decorate a book bag competition and all of the entries looked fantastic in the hall. Children loved browsing and reading each other’s favourite books. In addition children were able to use their £1 free World Book Day token at our fantastic book fair. At CJS we know that reading for pleasure is a hugely important part of children’s learning and it was great to see so much delight being taken  in favourite books both old and new.

Year 3 Good Reads

To celebrate World Book Day some of Year 3 told the class about their favourite book. They explained what it was about and why they enjoyed it as well as reading aloud an extract to the whole class. We loved hearing everyone’s recommendations and have also made a collection of book reviews to help people decide what to read next. Well done Year 3! Happy reading!


Year 3 Egyptian Mummies

Year 3 have been learning all about Ancient Egyptian mummies. We tried mummifying tomatoes to help preserve their bodies for the afterlife. We looked at them again after the half term holiday. Can you spot the photo of the tomato we didn’t preserve? We also researched and wrote instructions for making mummified bodies. You can read an example below.

How to Make a Mummy by Hope 3KH

You will need:
Wine/water from the River Nile
Canopic Jars
A DEAD body
A hook
A sarcophagus
A knife
Natron (salt)
A sloped table
70 days to spare
An animal that eats brains
What to do:

Clean the dead body with water from the Nile.
Secondly, put the body on a sloped table very carefully.
Carefully, use a hook and poke it around to take the brain out and give it to an animal because the Egyptians didn’t think it was important.
Next, take out all the organs except the heart because the heart is needed in the afterlife. Put all the organs in a canopic jar. You will need to make a small incision in the side of the body and cover the body in salt so that the body won’t rot.
Stuff the body with barley to give the body a more human shape so that your dead body won’t be flat in the afterlife.
After that, wrap up the body from head to toe and remember wrap each body part separately. Yes, that means each finger and toe wrapped separately!
Finally, place the body in a shiny sarcophagus and it will live its life in the afterlife.

Year 3 Sleepover Final Letter

Native American tribes and traditions Topic

Year 4 have been looking at Native American tribes and traditions in Topic this term. Dream catchers are an old tradition created by Native American tribes to catch bad dreams and allow good dreams to float down to the person sleeping below them. Year 4 made their own dream catchers and created some instructional videos to allow you to make your own too!

World Book Day Events

5SH enjoyed reading their books during one of our World Book day events. Can you work out who the mystery giraffe is?!

Clubs List Spring Term 2017

thumbnail of Clubs List Second Half Spring Term

Year 4 Hilltop Blog

The Year 4 team are very excited about our residential trip to Hilltop on Wednesday. While we are there we will be doing our best to update our blog regularly so you can see what we have been up to. You will also be able to leave us comments which we can pass on to the children.

World Voyage

As part of our topic we have been busy constructing world maps using salt dough. Children have used their knowledge of longitude and latitude to consider the relative size and position of each land mass.