Diwali is the Hindi Festival of Lights and is celebrated by millions of people around the world. This year it falls on October 19th 2017, so in assembly today, Sushma shared with us the reasons why it is celebrated and ways in which it can be celebrated.

She presented her PowerPoint with confidence and enthusiasm.

thumbnail of Diwali assembly

A fantastic assembly.

Well done Sushma.

For further information see the BBC website

Year 4 Oobleck Science Investigation

This week, Year 4 have been investigating the state of Oobleck. They were asked to discover whether it was a solid or a liquid. These are some of their comments:

“We were surprised as it started off as a solid and ended up as liquid.” – Daniel and Jesse

“It felt like slime, but solid slime!” Ruth and Maja.

“I thought it would have been just like a liquid and not a solid.” – Frankie and Ahab.

“Playing with it was hard, fiddly and fun, plus it was hard to work with and if people punched it, it would turn hard but if we gently rest your finger on it, it would be a liquid.” Esmae and Ahi.

“We used Ooblick to squish about with the states of matter. Squishy, slimy and fun!” Noah and James.

“It was like a solid at first, but a bit afterwards, it was like slime. Ours dried up very quickly.” Kane

“It felt hard but really gooey, you could roll it up in a ball, but when you let it go it would turn into slime.” Ella and Lilly-Rose

“It was strange because it was squishy, gooey and fun!” William

“It was all gooey and slimy but when I touched it with my fingers, it was hard to get off again.” Harley.

Someone even cried out with excitement – “IT’S MAGIC!”

What they discovered was that it is a substance that acts like a liquid which can be poured, but that acts like a solid when you apply force to it by pushing it or squeezing it. It’s made by mixing cornflour with water. Oobleck is a non-newtonian fluid.

Clubs Autumn Term 2017

thumbnail of Club List – Second Half of Term

Y3 subtraction on an empty number line

We have been learning how to find the difference between two numbers on an empty number line. To help us we always jump from the smallest number to the next multiple of ten first. We hope you like our video explaining how it works.

Year 3 at Norwich Roman Catholic Cathedral

Last Wednesday Year 3 visited Norwich Roman Catholic cathedral to find out all about this beautiful place of worship. Many thanks to Jack and all at the cathedral for offering us such a warm welcome and showing us so many interesting things. We especially enjoyed looking closely at the many amazing stained glass windows.

Year 4 visit St John the Baptist Cathedral

On Thursday 5th October, it was the Year 4s turn to visit St John the Baptist Cathedral. The children enjoyed two learning walks around the interior of the cathedral, learning about what makes it a cathedral and what the ikons mean to Catholics. We also studied the beautiful stained glass windows and discovered the stories hidden in the glass pictures.

Year 3 Partitioning for Addition Video

In year 3 we have been learning how to partition numbers and then use this to help us add. We hope you enjoy our video explaining how to use this method to find the total of 69 and 17.

Year 4 Roman Day at Norwich Castle

On Thursday 28th September, Year 4 spent the day at Norwich Castle learning about the Romans and the Iceni tribe. The day was set some twenty years after Boudica’s revolt, and the children got to meet Roman and Iceni characters as they explained and reflected back on their two very different cultures.

The children made an Iceni torcs with a character called Ketha whilst Marcus let us handle some real and imitation Roman objects. The children also met Marak, an Iceni tribe member who taught us about life when the Romans were invading and settling in Norfolk, bringing their own way of life. The children particularly enjoyed meeting Brutus, the Roman solider who presented his arguments for the invasion of the Iceni and taught us about how disciplined the Roman army are.

We hope you enjoy looking at the following pictures of our time there.

Year 3 at Bewilderwood

Year 3 had a fantastic time at Bewilderwood last week. They worked as a team to try lots of different outdoor challenges: braving the broken bridge, zooming down the slippery slopes and the wobbly wires and finding their way through the sky maze. As you can see they had a lot of fun and we are really enjoying reading the story back in class.

Year 5 visit to the Catholic Cathedral – Norwich

On Wednesday 27th September the Year 5’s visited the Norwich Catholic Cathedral. Having arrived at around 11am the year group was split into their class groups. 5HS began with a tour of the great stain glass windows, whilst 5LW were taken for a tour of the Cathedral itself and some of it’s many treasures.

The children had a brilliant time, and were taken back by the enormity of the Cathedrals giant stain glass windows and high ceilings. Throughout both activities the children engaged fully and asked some fantastic questions to both the deacon and Mrs Garrod who were leading the activities. Please enjoy the photos below.

Voting for CJS 2017/18 Executive CJS Representatives

On Tuesday 26th September a democratic election process to elect officers for the three key roles of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer took place in school.

The process involved 16 year 6 pupils putting themselves forward as candidates for nomination by presenting in front of the whole school in the morning.

In the afternoon, a voting station was created in the dining room. Everyone completed their voting card and posting it in their classes’ ballot box.

Votes were counted during the afternoon and during Celebration assembly on Friday, the winners were announced.

WELL DONE all sixteen year 6 candidates who presented in front of the whole school.

Congratulations to the following who were elected for CJS School Council 2017/18 roles.

Chairperson – Madeline S
Secretary – Charlie P
Treasurer – Lily E

Sports Leaders 2017-18

During the summer term, year 5 and 6 pupils were given the opportunity to apply to become a CJS Sports Leader.
In July, the selected Year 5 and 6 undertook a day’s training with the School Sports Partnership to prove they had what it takes to be Sports Leaders. The day focused on key attributes in relation to leadership including communication, cooperation, responsibility and organisation, not forgetting having fun.

The children involved rose to the challenge and we are now lucky to have a team of enthusiastic and trained leaders to run activities during lunch times at school.

Well done to all involved and we look forward to seeing your leadership skills in action around the school.

During the good weather in September, the Sports Leaders have been organising fun games and activities on the field.