Friendship Squad

An Amazing New Friendship Squad

On Thursday 6th October, twenty Year 4’s and ten Year 5’s spent the day completing their Friendship Training Day with Ms Smith.

Firstly, we shared some games which require no resources and could be used as an ice-breaker. Lots of fun was had, teaching each other clapping games and co-ordinating ourselves as a group.  As you can see from the photos below, we all got there in the end!

Next, we had to work as a group to sort cards, thinking about activities that were Safe and Not Safe. There was a lot of discussion and we shared our views to one other.

The next activity, made us think about what behaviour was fair and unfair on the playground and field. We sorted the cards and again shared our ideas and gave reasons for our choices.

All of us have had unkind words said to us at some time on the playground. In groups, we discussed how we could change this behaviour and what we, as Friendship Squad members, could do. We had to change negative statements in to positive ones.

We followed this up with some role play.

During the afternoon workshops, we thought about the feelings we may have on the playground. We created mind maps and shared our ideas.

Next, we shared our ideas around why people get angry and how this might happen on the playground or field.

Confidently, we were able to put our new skills in to action with a little more role play. It was great to watch one another and hear their solutions to problems they may encounter on the playground.

Finally, we create a poster of what a Friendship Squad member should be.

We all passed! So, we are on the playground and field to help keep our playground a happy and safe place.


CJS Friendship Squad Training

On Thursday 11th February, the second round of Friendship Squad training was delivered in school by Ms Smith.

Pupils from year 4 and 5 had to complete an application form and the successful applicants were selected by the School Council.

As you can see, we had fun!

An exciting opportunity to be part of Colman Friendship Squad

In our school we have a friendship squad to play with people who are feeling sad or lonely.

Any Year 4 and Year 5 pupils can apply for a Friendship squad position. Application forms are available in the beehives. The closing date is Monday 1st February 2016. Ms Smith and the School Council will look at all the application forms and successful applications will be informed by Friday 5th February.

The Friendship squad will receive a days training with Ms Smith. The Friendship squad will have a rota, one lunch time and one break time each week. They will teach traditional playground games or help pupils to make new friends. Everyone who wants to take part has to fill in a form saying why they want to be part of the friend ship squad.

The Friendship Squad in Action

The Friendship squad in action; organizing games and helping on the field and playground.

Friendship Squad Experience

I found the friendship squad course fascinating.  I really enjoyed working with people who I normally wouldn’t work with. Personally, my favourite part of the day was when we tried out some clap songs that maybe we could use on the playground. Also, I enjoyed listing down games that we might use on the playground (it, stuck in the mud ,skipping …). So in summary, I really enjoyed  the day.

By Eilidh 5RE

Friendship Squad


CJS Friendship Squad Training

On Thursday 26th March, the programme Friendship Squad training was delivered in school, by Ms Smith, to those pupils in year 4 and 5 who have been selected by the School Council to be part of the Friendship Squad.


The job of a Friendship Pal is more complex than might be at first recognized. It requires pupils to step outside themselves and play a role, while still remaining familiar and accessible to other children. The activities in the programme are to help pupils to have thought about and prepare for the role, in order to boost their confidence, be effective and avoid creating problems for themselves and others. We had a fantastic day and as you can see from the photos below.