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Mudeka Foundation Sponsored Walk

As a school, we beat our target and raised a staggering £1993.49 to support the Feeding Programme of The Mudeka Foundation work in Zimbabwe. This amount will feed the 350 children in the school for 6 weeks!

Thank you for all of your support.

Ms Smith
Executive School Council

Sponsored Walk

The weather was most definitely on our side on Friday 29th March when the entire school spent an hour clocking up laps of the school field for our sponsored walk. We were raising money to support the Feeding Programme of The Mudeka Foundation’s work in Zimbabwe. As the sun shone down, each child and their walking partner, tried to walk as many times as they could, around our huge field. The atmosphere was of full of determination and fun. In total the school walked 1,940 laps which equal just under 500 miles: an amazing achievement. We set a target of £1,120, which would help support 350 school children every day for a month and we are really proud to announce we have raised an astonishing £1959.99

Thank you so much to all the energetic children and to all their generous sponsors.

Food Tasting

On Thursday 4th April, Amanda Cooper and her team from Norse catering, visited school to share the new Summer/Autumn menu during our assembly. Earlier in the year, the School Council had met with Amanda, to give her feedback on the dishes that CJS pupils enjoyed and their ideas for other dishes would like to be considered. During lunchtime, everyone was invited in to 3RS, to sample the new delights on the menu. There was a mixture of sweet and savoury dishes to try, and as you can see from the photos and comments below, we really enjoyed the new additions on the menu.

‘The beetroot brownie was amazing! ‘

‘I really liked the noodles which surprised me.’

‘I loved the chicken noodles.’

‘The lemon cake was YUM.’

‘I couldn’t even tell there was beetroot in the brownie.’

‘The tuna pasta was great.’

‘The chicken noodles were awesome and the lemon cake was too.’

‘The brownies were amazing and I couldn’t taste the beetroot at all.’

‘The noodles were the BEST.’

‘Great pasta and sauce.’

‘Everything is DELICIOUS!’


Many thanks for all the very kind donations to create our food mountain onFriday 22nd March 2019.

Mudeka Foundation

On Monday 14th March, as part of our School Council work to promote helping others internationally, we invited both Anna Mudeka, the founder of the Mudeka Foundation and Elizabeth Louis, the Education Officer into school, to talk to us about the Feeding Programme.

During the course of the day, both Anna and Elizabeth spent a lesson with each year group; explaining how and why the Feeding Programme was set up and how as a school we can help.

We learnt that the Foundation set up a Feeding Programme early in 2016, providing a daily “porridge” (sadza) meal for key stage 1 children. They shared with us that children in Zimbabwe are often hungry and tired when they arrived at school. Many children have to walk a long way to attend school every day and are often so tired they fall asleep and don’t learn due to lack of breakfast. So knowing that the children were often sharing meals with their hungry siblings, they rapidly extended the programme to all primary school pupils.  This costs 16p a day per child and currently 350 children are fed. This meal is prepared and distributed by community members.

Anna and Elizabeth also shared their latest project, which is to provide a water well for the children, so they can access clean water.

Anna also got us all up to join her in some singing and dancing!

The School Council were given the opportunity to ask questions which had previously been collated during a School Council meeting.

As you can see, there were lots of interesting questions generated from looking at the Mudeka Foundation website:

As a school, to support the foundation, we will be running a sponsored walk during the morning of Friday 29th March around our school field. We aim to raise £1,120 which will support the 350 children each day for a month.

So please try to get lots of sponsors to help us with this very worthy cause!

Ms Smith      Jasper       Alice     Felix

Comic Relief 2019

School Council Play Equipment Voting

February 2019

What would you like?

There are 4 different ideas for the area on the field.

In class, each pupil will need to use a post-it to vote.

They will need to write their name, class, what is their favourite and explain why.

To be completed by Friday 8th February.

Please return to Ms Smith in 3RS.


1. Web of 5 play trees connected with balance ropes

2. Wooden Monkey Bars

3. Play tunnel

4. Large feature logs (1.5m long x 1.2m wide) connected with short balance beams

Children in Need 2018

On Friday 16th November, the School Council organised a PJ’s or onesies to support Children in Need. We all had fun in our comfy attire and some of us even brought our slippers and cuddly toys.

We managed to raise £265.23.  Thank you for your support in this event.

Food Tasting

On Wednesday 10th October, Amanda Cooper and her team from Norse came in to school to share in an assembly and during lunchtime, the delights of the new dishes on the Autumn 2018 menu. There were both savory and sweet dishes to try. As you can see, we enjoyed tasting the dishes which have been changed in light of the feedback from our School Council.

Our NEW School Council – Autumn 2018

Well done to all of the Class Council representatives who were elected to present their class for the Autumn term School Council meetings.

Voting for CJS 2018/19 Executive CJS Representatives

On Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th September, thirty-six candidates from Year 6 shared their presentations in front of the whole school. A big WELL DONE to all the candidates who confidently and eloquently explained why they would like to be elected.

On Wednesday 26th September in the afternoon, a democratic election process to elect officers for the three key roles of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer took place. It was going to be a tough choice for pupils to only be able to choose one person for each role.

A voting station was created in the dining room. Everyone completed their voting card and posting it in their classes’ ballot box.

Votes were counted during the afternoon and during Celebration assembly on Friday, the winners were announced.

Congratulations to the following who were elected for CJS School Council 2018/19 roles.

Chairperson – Jasper
Secretary – Alice S
Treasurer – Felix

Royal Wedding Poster Competition