Year 3

Welcome to Year 3! On this page you will find information about our learning and photographs of us at work. You will also find links to useful materials which give you more information about what we are learning in class and about special events. We will be updating this area regularly so keep looking.

Miss Harrison/Miss Cousins/Ms Smith

The Royal Norfolk Show 2018

The whole school took part in making a gorgeous garden feature supported by the PTA for the Norfolk Show ‘Our Coast’ competition. Our entry represented our four school houses: Caister, Wells, Cromer and Hunstanton. Each pupil in school created a pebble with their house colour and a small picture that signified their house’s coastal location. Also, each pupil researched and created either a postcard, poster or information pack. The research resulted in finding lots of interesting information and many facts.

As a result our garden won the Gold Gilt . We are all thrilled to bits!

Year 3 at Easton Farm

On Friday last week Year 3 had a great time learning all about farming in Norfolk. They enjoyed identifying seeds from different crops, learning about farm machinery and visiting the many different animals. In Big Write this week the children will be writing about their day so check back soon for some examples of their work.

Year 3 Pirate Sleepover

Last week Year 3 held their pirate sleepover in the school hall. The children enjoyed a range of crafts as well as a treasure hunt and toasting marshmallows. After a pizza dinner they got ready for bed and laid out their sleeping bags in their team groups ready for some sleep. Although very tired the next day, they had an amazing time and enjoyed some breakfast and games with their friends before heading home. Well done everyone!

Year 3 Nature in Norfolk

In Year 3 we have been enjoying our ‘Nature in Norfolk’ topic this half term. Parent volunteers have helped us to plant an amazing garden and we can’t wait to use some of the produce in our cooking after half term.

In English we have been reading ‘Lob’ by Linda Newbery all about a mysterious, green-fingered helper. Here are some photos of our clay Lob faces and some found poetry made using Lob’s words.

We are looking forward to continuing this topic after half term with a farm visit and nature walk.

Year 3 PHSE Letter

Year 3 Sleepover final letter May 2018

thumbnail of Year 3 Sleepover final letter May 2018

Year 3 Easton College Trip 2018

thumbnail of Year 3 Easton College Trip 2018

Deaf Awareness Week May 7th-11th

On Wednesday this week, Malcolm Sinclair came for a special assembly. He teaches British Sign Language (BSL) to children across Norfolk. He signed to us about growing up in family of both Deaf and hearing people and now living with a family of hearing people, all of whom use sign to communicate.

He signed how he loves visiting Colman Junior School because there are so many children who are keen to communicate with him. He showed us how much fun BSL can be and how useful in some situations, for example when you are a long way away from someone and don’t want to shout! Thank you Mr Sinclair. We will keep practising!

News Flash

On Wednesday 18th April, Jo Phillips, came into assembly to share with us the way a news report is written and made. During the assembly, she gave us some ideas about selecting a good story, writing the story in simple language for the ear and some tips to keep the news report to exactly 3 minutes.

New Playground Equipment – April 2018

As the sun was out, we were able to play with our new  equipment on the field. Our new equipment was purchased, with the money raised from events organised by the School Council. As you can see, we had fun exploring what was new inside the boxes.

SNOW PLAY… Creating Snow Sculptures

Year 3 Egyptian Day

Year 3 Egyptian Day by Henry 3KH

On Tuesday, we went to Norwich Castle because we are learning about Egypt.

First, we went with Dr Derry and looked at some very, very interesting Egyptian things like shiny, blue scarab beetles.

Secondly, we smelt some oil called frankincense, saw an obsidian knife and looked at mummies with Professor Parry.

After a yummy lunch, we saw what people in Egypt had for breakfast and tried on some Egyptian clothes.

Last but not least, we made some reflecting, pretty Egyptian necklaces with all different colours like red, green, gold and silver.

Year 3 Egyptian Day by Noam 3KH

In the morning, we went to Norwich Castle to learn a bit more about ancient Egypt.

First, we went with Dr Derry to look at some incredibly ancient Egyptian artefacts. She told us a story about some Egyptian gods because it related to all the models and shabtis. We saw a replica of the Rosetta Stone  and a canopic jar.

Next, we went with Professor Parry. She showed us a fake mummy although we couldn’t touch it. She showed us a sharp, tough obsidian knife which the ancient Egyptians used to make a cut in the mummy and take out body parts.

After that, we met Amunet who told us all about life in ancient Egypt. They ate things like sweet, juicy pomegranate, crunchy, brown cinnamon and dry, black figs.

Finally, we went with Ahmut Muhn to make some shiny, golden (not real gold) necklaces. In one of the pictures there was one with a scarab beetle to give good luck to the wearer although it was blue and not real.