Year 3

Welcome to Year 3! On this page you will find information about our learning and photographs of us at work. You will also find links to useful materials which give you more information about what we are learning in class and about special events. We will be updating this area regularly so keep looking.

Miss Harrison/Miss Cousins/Ms Smith

Fantastic Mr Fox

A group of children from across the school walked into the city centre to watch Fantastic Mr Fox at Norwich Theatre Royal. It was a fantastic experience and the children loved the story of cunning, greed and the power of friendship.

Year 3 Synagogue Letter

Change 4 Life Festival

On Friday 16th June 17 children went to a Change 4 Life Festival at the UEA sports park. As you can see, the children thoroughly enjoyed the activities. All the children were fantastic and demonstrated an excellent attitude towards team work and perseverence.

Year 3 Norfolk’s Fine Foods

As part of our topic ‘Nature in Norfolk’ children have loved working with Miss Thomson and Mrs Green to plant our own fruit and vegetables in our brand new gardening area. The children have learnt so much about where food comes from and what plants need to live. We had a great time tasting some of our very own radishes, courgettes, salad and peas. Yum!

CJS Mock Election

Last week we were busy learning about General Elections. Year 3 children explained to the rest of the school how a general election works and how to vote. The whole school were invited to register to vote and received a polling card. On Thursday everyone registered cast their vote, either in our polling station or by posting their postal vote.

The results of the mock General Election in the Colman Junior School constituency were as follows:

237 votes were cast.
Turnout was 98%.

The Conservative candidate received 15 votes
The Green party candidate received 37 votes
The Labour Party candidate received 139 votes
The liberal democrat candidate received 22 votes.
The UKIP candidate received 23 votes
1 vote was spoilt.

The candidate for Labour is elected as MP for Colman Junior School.

Year 3 Bug Houses

Year 3 had a fantastic day on Wednesday researching, designing, building and evaluating their very own bug houses. We learned that there are over 2,000 species of insects in an average garden and designed them their very own habitats using recycled and natural materials.

Year 3 trip to Easton and Otley Farm

Last week, Year 3 were lucky enough to go on a trip to Easton and Otley Farm linked to our topic ‘Nature in Norfolk’.

Each group took it in turns to spend some time on the farm seeing the sheep, pigs, cows and chickens and then in the barn learning about crops, how we harvest them and what they are used for. It really was a fantastic day for us all! Here are some quotes from the letters that we wrote to the farm to say thank you for our great day:

Anna: I enjoyed it when we saw the sweet, soft lambs with the ewes. I learnt that a male sheep is called a ram and if the ewe had three lambs, they had to be separated because the ewe only has two teats so can look after two babies at a time. The sheep also have natural oil in their fleece.

Mehdi: One of my favourite parts was when we saw the pigs. Because they were young, some of them were play fighting. I learnt that the male pigs are boars and the females are sows. I thought that the piglets were cute and very pink.

Megan: One of the best moments was when we got to grind the crispy, golden wheat and turn it into flour. It was interesting that the flour could become so smooth and soft.

Ciaran: I enjoyed it when we saw the models of the farm machinery. We had seen some of the tractors in real life, but Ruth showed us how the harvesting machinery works with models. It was really interesting to see.

Natural Art

Year 3 have  been hard at work in the wildlife garden creating their own sculptures inspired by the work of British artist Andy Goldsworthy. We used our creative and collaborative skills to great effect and were really proud of the end results.

3KH RSPB Bioblitz

Last week  we were lucky enough to have a visit from RSPB volunteers to help us conduct a ‘bioblitz’ looking for all of the different wildlife that lives  in our school grounds. We found many different species and evidence of even more.

Creating ‘found poems’

In  Year 3 we are loving our new class novel ‘Lob’ by Linda Newberry. We have been creating ‘found poems’ using text from the story, drawing our own story boards and writing about Grandpa’s beautiful garden. We have also been hard at work planting vegetables in our own garden on the school field.

The Garden by Gary 3KH

When Lucy walked into the beautiful sunny garden, she could see red, angry ants. They were stealing food from the kitchen. She saw a red tulip which also had yellow in the centre.

Lucy could hear a hedgehog digging for ants in the hedge. She could also hear birds flying, tweeting in the air. It made her feel happy to hear the birds singing. The neighbour was cutting the long, tall grass with a shiny lawnmower which sounded like a train.

Lucy smelt grass that the dog ran all over and grandpa cooking carrots in the kitchen.

She felt some blueberries that were hard but soft hen you squished them. She felt poison ivy and it made her dizzy.

Lucy thought she saw a tree move in mid air. Was it her imagination or Lob?


Grandpa’s Garden by Ahab 3KH

Looking out the window, Lucy saw little shoots growing bigger and bigger. She also saw golden eagles gliding into the garden to catch some prey. Lucy wondered if Lob would appear somewhere and then wouldn’t fade away. She felt blossom falling from a tree. She felt warm inside but when she went outside she was freezing cold.

As she walked along the garden path, Lucy could smell mint that reminded her of her yucky toothpaste and she smelled carrots. She hears robins rapping and trees whistling. She could also hear the next door neighbour using a lawn mower that sounded like a lion roaring. She felt bushes pushing her arms.

At  the bottom of the garden, Lucy saw a shadow with green shiny eyes but then it faded away quickly.

Nature in Norfolk

As part of our topic ‘Nature in Norfolk’ Year 3 have been looking at the geography of the UK and locating Norfolk on  various maps. We enjoyed making saltdough  maps of the UK and using atlases to help us label them.

Sampson the Sorcerer’s Potions Problem

This week in maths, Year 3 have been learning about capacity. We took part in an investigation where an old sorcerer had been turned into a frog before he could finish making his latest potion. First, we had lots of ingredients we needed to measure and identify.

Once we had worked out which tube contained which ingredient, we found a note from Sampson the Sorcerer’s cave. It said, “For the potion to be successful, you must use exactly 100ml in your mixture.”

So, in our groups, we set to work finding mixtures of ingredients that would make 100ml.

We mixed our ingredients together and made our potions. Then we got to decide what they would do if you drank them…

Lubov: You turn into a flying piglet.
Megan: You travel back in time and live with the dinosaurs.
Callum: It makes you become a Newcastle United Football Club supporter!

Here are our final potions… I wonder if any of them will work?!