Year 4

Welcome to Year 4! On this page you will find information about our learning and photographs of us at work. You will also find links to useful materials which give you more information about what we are learning in class and about special events. We will be updating this area regularly so keep looking.

Miss Johnson / Mrs Henery / Mr Donovan

World Book Day 2017

We celebrated the 20th anniversary of World Book Day in style at CJS with a variety of events. Everyone looked fantastic in their pyjamas ready for our bedtime story sessions. It was great to hear different members of staff reading their favourite  story. We also had a huge response to our decorate a book bag competition and all of the entries looked fantastic in the hall. Children loved browsing and reading each other’s favourite books. In addition children were able to use their £1 free World Book Day token at our fantastic book fair. At CJS we know that reading for pleasure is a hugely important part of children’s learning and it was great to see so much delight being taken  in favourite books both old and new.

Native American tribes and traditions Topic

Year 4 have been looking at Native American tribes and traditions in Topic this term. Dream catchers are an old tradition created by Native American tribes to catch bad dreams and allow good dreams to float down to the person sleeping below them. Year 4 made their own dream catchers and created some instructional videos to allow you to make your own too!

Year 4 Hilltop Blog

The Year 4 team are very excited about our residential trip to Hilltop on Wednesday. While we are there we will be doing our best to update our blog regularly so you can see what we have been up to. You will also be able to leave us comments which we can pass on to the children.

4JH have been learning about how to stay safe on line

The children created posters with the messages that they felt were most important and we’ve put them together to create an E-Safety video.

Year 4 Cheerleading Routines

This term in PE, Year 4 have been creating their own cheerleading routines. Our topic is ‘Stars and Stripes’ and cheerleading is a very important sport in America. We worked in groups to create our own routines and are now moving onto different aspects of cheerleading such as lifts.

Native American Poems

4JH have been looking a similes and metaphors in English. We put our ideas together to create some group poems describing a Native American hunting image linked to our topic. Here are a couple for you to enjoy!

Year 4 Fractions

This morning 4JH were getting to grips with equivalent fractions. To help our understanding, we made our own fraction walls to enable us to visualise and understand what each fraction meant. Some of us started to think about the link between fractions and decimals too.

4JH enjoyed a lively debate on whether all children should be given the same amount of pocket money. There were strong arguments for and against the motion but, in the end, the Nos won by a slight majority.

Mr. Speaker

Mr Speaker


4JH Electricity

4JH have been thinking of the positive, negative and interesting things that might happen in a world with no electricity.


Year 4 Korfball tournament at CNS

On Saturday 19th November, the year 4 Korfball squad competed in their first Autumn Korfball Tournament. For the first time the year 4 Tournament was mono-korf, which is a smaller, simplified version of korfball, using four players instead of eight. This allowed us to take four teams of four players, although with some players unavailable on the day, most of the squad played for more than one team!

The squad had a great morning, scoring loads of goals, learning more about the game of mono-korf and competing against several other schools. Out of thirteen teams, Colman finished in third place, which I am very happy with.

I feel very proud that all of the Korfball squad were happy to play, scored loads of goals, supported each other and learned from watching others.

Thank you very much to Mrs Henery and Mr Donovan for giving their time and also to all the parents and siblings who cheered and supported.



On Monday 14th November Year 4 were visited by an employee of Anglian Water. We learnt all about where our water comes from, how we can save water and what happens after you flush your toilet. We took part in a number of fun activities which made many of us think carefully about how we should use our water and what we should/ shouldn’t put down the toilet.

Y4 Trip to Norwich Castle on 12th October 2016