Year 5

Year 5 Visit to The Science Museum London

Curriculum Year 5 Summer 2017

Visit to the Muslim Association

Japanese Children’s Day Assembly

The children from Japanese Club wrote and presented a whole school assembly about Children’s Day in Japan. It is a day to respect children’s personalities and to celebrate their happiness. Everyone was welcomed to the hall by a recording of traditional Taisho Koto music. Then the children told us all about the koinobori legend and showed us some of the carp they had made as well as telling us about Kintaro, the boy with super human strength. We were treated to a display of the children’s strength as they flexed their muscles wearing homemade kabuto hats. The assembly finished with talk of oak leaf wrapped mochi and a recording of the traditional Children’s Day song.
Kodomo no hi everyone!

‘Chroma’ Visits CJS

On Wednesday 8th March, musicians from the group ‘Chroma’ visited our school to perform a special concert around the theme ‘Birdsong’.

The musicians were;

cello (leader) Clare O’Connell

vocal / loopstation Kerry Andrew

violin Daniel Pioro

clarinet Stuart King

flute Julian Sperry

piano special guest concert only Roderick Chadwick

It was a very lively and enjoyable concert organised by Norfolk and Norwich Chamber Music Schools Project and below are some reflections from the concert.

‘I thought the music was beautiful, elegant and amazing. I learnt about a new musical called the ’Loop- station’. I’m so happy they visited our school.’

‘When I was listening to the music, I felt happy and calm because the music was meant to sound like birds and they really did.’

‘I thought the music was great because I learnt a lot about the different birds that sing in the morning.’

‘I liked the cello because I think it makes a nice sound. I learnt that the cello and bass clarinet have reeds in them.’

‘It was absolutely fantastic! I felt every word Kerry sang and every beat the musicians played.’

On Thursday 9th March, 14 pupils were selected to visit the John Innes Centre with Ms Smith and Mrs Garrod to hear some more classical birdsong pieces performed by Chroma. It was a fantastic opportunity to listen to the group performing in the big hall.

Below are our thoughts and feelings drawn after the concert.

Cathedral Choir Project

On Thursday 16th March, 23 children in Years 5 and 6 had the wonderful opportunity to sing at Norwich Cathedral as part of a schools’ project. Leading up to the event, we had some brilliant workshops in school run by the Head of Vocal studies at Norwich School. The children worked very hard learning all the songs for memory and learning their different parts.

Despite an eventful journey to the Cathedral after the mini bus broke down, the concert was fantastic and the children sung brilliantly. We were also able to hear a demonstration of the Cathedral Organ (the fourth biggest organ in the world!) and enjoyed listening to the professional Cathedral Choir sing to us.

A huge congratulations must go to all the children who took part. Thank you as well to all the families who were able to come to the concert and show their support, it made it even more exciting seeing you in the audience!

World Book Day 2017

We celebrated the 20th anniversary of World Book Day in style at CJS with a variety of events. Everyone looked fantastic in their pyjamas ready for our bedtime story sessions. It was great to hear different members of staff reading their favourite  story. We also had a huge response to our decorate a book bag competition and all of the entries looked fantastic in the hall. Children loved browsing and reading each other’s favourite books. In addition children were able to use their £1 free World Book Day token at our fantastic book fair. At CJS we know that reading for pleasure is a hugely important part of children’s learning and it was great to see so much delight being taken  in favourite books both old and new.

World Book Day Events

5SH enjoyed reading their books during one of our World Book day events. Can you work out who the mystery giraffe is?!

Year 5 carnival

Today, we showed off the crafts we made in a procession to Samba music for the rest of the school.

Year 5’s South America Project

5SH have been researching South America and finding out about their traditions and celebrations, including carnival.

On Wednesday 1st February, our expert willow sculptor, Mrs Howe, visited the school to show us how to make willow sculptures, costumes and headdresses, all in preparation for a carnival parade of our own, taking place in front of the rest of the school on Monday. (Photos of that to follow next week).
As you can see from these photos, our project kept us very busy; creating Rainforest creature sculptures by forming willow, then covering it with bright colours, and making collars and headdresses.

‘The Vanishing Rainforest’ Debate

In Literacy this term, 5SH have been reading ‘The Vanishing Rainforest’ by Richard Platt. This week in class, we held a debate on the following motion:
‘The Yanomami Tribe have a right to what they were by the developers’.

Before we filmed the debate, the children worked as part of either a ‘proposition’ group who supported the motion or the ‘opposition’ group, who were against the motion.

As you will see from the video, the debate brought up some great arguments, both for and against the motion.

Chinese Students Visit

On Wednesday 25th January, we were visited by some Chinese students from INTU at UEA. They came to give year group assemblies about the Chinese New year and answered many questions that the children posed about life in China.  Year 5 enjoyed listening to them describe their New Year festivities . They also explained how Chinese letters and words are often symbolic. For example, the word for mountain orginates from a pictorial symbol of a mountain.  Some children were delighted to see how their names were written in Chinese writing.