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Diwali is the Hindi Festival of Lights and is celebrated by millions of people around the world. This year it falls on October 19th 2017, so in assembly today, Sushma shared with us the reasons why it is celebrated and ways in which it can be celebrated.

She presented her PowerPoint with confidence and enthusiasm.

thumbnail of Diwali assembly

A fantastic assembly.

Well done Sushma.

For further information see the BBC website

Year 5 visit to the Catholic Cathedral – Norwich

On Wednesday 27th September the Year 5’s visited the Norwich Catholic Cathedral. Having arrived at around 11am the year group was split into their class groups. 5HS began with a tour of the great stain glass windows, whilst 5LW were taken for a tour of the Cathedral itself and some of it’s many treasures.

The children had a brilliant time, and were taken back by the enormity of the Cathedrals giant stain glass windows and high ceilings. Throughout both activities the children engaged fully and asked some fantastic questions to both the deacon and Mrs Garrod who were leading the activities. Please enjoy the photos below.

Celebrating Rosh Hashanah

On Tuesday 19th September, Mrs Carpenter, a parent and member of the Norwich Hebrew Congregation Synagogue came into school to share the ways Rosh Hashanah and the Jewish Day of Atonement mark the Jewish New Year. Mrs Carpenter explained why this is a time to be sorry, and make a fresh start. Instead of January the Jewish New Year begins in autumn. It is important at New Year to repent, turn from bad behaviour and set your course to good in the coming year. Mrs Carpenter also demonstrated and explained why celebrations include food: apples and honey, time spent in the synagogue and the blowing of the Shofar (it is a ram’s horn. One of the world’s oldest known wind instruments)

Below are some great photos and a link to the BBC webpage.

Eaton Park Science Walk

Children from 5HS spent Monday afternoon in Eaton Park on a Science Walk. As part of our topic on plant reproduction, their aim was to spot local examples of seed dispersal. They were amazed to find so many ‘real life’ examples right on their doorstep, including sweet chestnuts, lily pods, pine cones, sycamore seeds (helicopters) and of course, conkers. We were very busy so only managed a few photos this time, but you can see what fun we all had.

Miss Bridgham

Year 5 Cathedral Letter

thumbnail of Year 5 Cathedral Letter

Year 5 Eaton Park Letter

Wildlife Garden Moth

Look at this beautiful creature found today on the edge of our wildlife garden by some of our children. Cleverly identified as an Elephant Hawk moth by one of our class.  Have a wonderful break everyone and see you in September!😎

Year 5 Visit to the Synagogue

On Thursday 12th July, it was Year 5’s turn to visit the Norwich synagogue. After a long, brisk walk there, our year group was divided into two groups. One group went into the main hall to learn about Judaism in general, whilst the other group learned about the practice of Shabbat.

It was a fantastic experience and the children were not only really interested in all that was being taught, but also thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to handle the artefacts and participate in a mini mock-up of Shabbat too.

Please enjoy the photographs of the many things the children saw and did whilst they were there.

I learnt that their special scroll, the Torah scroll, is very important to them. They cannot touch it because they would leave marks and it would be disrespectful to God. The Torah scroll is made from stretched animal skin called parchment. However, it feels like plastic and the deer skin one felt soft and fluffy.” Sarah

My favourite part was when we got to try the wine (grape juice) and the special bread (challah loaf). Although I liked that, I also enjoyed learning what parchment is really made from.” Lily E

We learned a lot of things such as: They wear a small hat called a ‘Kippah’, they do not eat pork and they have a special candle holder named a ‘menorah’. Every Friday, they have a day called a rest day. They celebrate this by having a very special meal time. They use the plaited menorah candle and a Shabbat candle to celebrate light and fire.” Sophia L

I have learnt that every Friday when the sun goes down, they set up the table and the woman of the family puts a scarf over her head and lights the two candles, called ‘Shabbat candles’, which are very important.” Samantha

We looked at some clothing, which was a ‘Kippah’, which traditionally men wear on their heads and a ‘Talut’ which drapes over their shoulders” Lucy E

… All in all, it was an educating, exciting experience that I think all of the other pupils loved as well!” Maggie

Fantastic Mr Fox

A group of children from across the school walked into the city centre to watch Fantastic Mr Fox at Norwich Theatre Royal. It was a fantastic experience and the children loved the story of cunning, greed and the power of friendship.

David Solomons Author Visit

On Monday 10th July we were visited by David Solomons, author of ‘My Brother is a Superhero.’ We loved hearing about the inspiration for his popular series of books and suggesting our own idea for a superhero. Children were inspired by the visit and are already busy reading the adventures of Luke and his superhero brother. Don’t forget to look for the signed copies of the series in our school library.

Year 5 Synagogue Letter

CJS Mock Election

Last week we were busy learning about General Elections. Year 3 children explained to the rest of the school how a general election works and how to vote. The whole school were invited to register to vote and received a polling card. On Thursday everyone registered cast their vote, either in our polling station or by posting their postal vote.

The results of the mock General Election in the Colman Junior School constituency were as follows:

237 votes were cast.
Turnout was 98%.

The Conservative candidate received 15 votes
The Green party candidate received 37 votes
The Labour Party candidate received 139 votes
The liberal democrat candidate received 22 votes.
The UKIP candidate received 23 votes
1 vote was spoilt.

The candidate for Labour is elected as MP for Colman Junior School.