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Sunshine Writing Competition

This half term holiday the theme for our short writing competition was ‘Sunshine’ and we had some fantastic entries. Well done to you all! You can read a selection of the children’s brilliant writing below.


Upper School Champion: Aliya 5SB

Like a magnet to metal, I adore the way sunshine is so bright, just like a marigold petal. I lap it up like a bear to honey, like a moth to the bright, blinding light. THIS is my heaven, my sacred heavenly thing. Doesn’t it make you want to sing, “What is this world without sunshine?”


Lower School Champion: Sushma 3JR

Whenever I wake up the sunshine tells me to get up and out of my bed, which is extremely useful because then I wake up early.

The sunshine greets me, “Good morning!” and after that I have a mind-blowing day. She also brings a smile on my face!

She is so generous that she glitters up plants and helps them grow and in school people say heartfelt things about her.

The cloud and the rain bully the sunshine as they are unkind fools, although the sunshine normally gets away with it by giving them a burn.

When the sunshine meets the other side of the world I fall asleep as the moon rises, but in the morning THE SUNSHINE will come back again!


Adele 5SB

As the sun glides up into the glistening sky,

We stare at the hot air balloon floating so high.

Birds dance gracefully enjoying the midday heat.

The dads are chatting cooking the succulent meat.

When evening falls the sun drifts down,

The dog goes to sleep and so does the town.


Martina 6SF

Shimmering like a precious gemstone, the dappled sunlight wavered on the fountain under the oak trees, only to be snatched away by the shadow of a small child, gazing up at the sky where a ball of fire we call the sun was once born. Shafts of translucent light cut through the canopy of emerald tree foliage above, scattering tiny pins across the forest floor, which was littered with brown nutshells and graphitised with olive-green lashings of moss. The trees swayed gently, making the light dance on the crumbling bark and stretch lazily across the coffee-coloured cheek of the child, now standing motionless as he gazed at a multi-coloured hummingbird, delicately sipping from a flower. It seemed to fly with the sun on its wings; the light radiating from its glossy back blinded the boy for a second before nestling down in the sift downing under the bird’s feathers. Suddenly, the light seemed to evaporate and the lemon-yellow sun slunk behind the clouds, disappearing from view and the young boy watched as the humming bird’s feathers lost its sunshine-like glow and closed up as it prepared to sleep in the darkening hue of the forest.


Martha 3SH

A golden round ball

Floating in mid-air

It sprays us with its light

You may only glimpse3 it

Otherwise it breaks your eyes.


Isabella 3SH (and illustration)


The powerful rays of sunshine beat down on me as I lie in my favourite spot under the tree.

The glorious golden sunshine warms my skin and makes me feel very happy and in need of an ice cream!!!

As I gaze around the lush green garden I think about all the plants, creatures and trees that need sunlight to grow and survive.

I am very happy that the sun is a long way away (149.6 million km) because its temperature is 60,000 times hotter than an oven’s highest temperature!

If there was no sunshine I would feel lonely, glum and sad because I would not see the nature all around us.


Alexandra 3SH

The gold, yellow sun is shining down on us, keeping us warm and keeping us alive!


Florence 3SH
On one sizzling sunny Sunday.

It was too hot for clothes so we had our swimming costumes on!

We had a freezing cold water fight.

My baby sister sat in a bucket of water.

We poured it on daddy’s head.


Molly 5RE

Sunshine in the Sky

Sunshine is vibrant, exquisite and has powerful, delicate beams that illuminate and enhance our world. As the gorgeous sun orbits the Earth it gives off its beautiful rays of light and warms up our home. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful star to brighten our planet! Sunlight is wonderful and bright and it makes us so happy! After all it’s got to be bright to light up the whole world!


Mahnoor 3SH

The bright sandy sun gleams with all its might. I can’t see a thing in my sight! The sun is out, it means I can play. The sun is gleaming and I can play all fay. I love the sun, I can go on the beach because when it shines I know it loves to gleam.

Crazy Hat and Hair Day

On Friday 27th May, we had the opportunity to come to school with a crazy hat or hair. Lots of pupils and staff looked very different … there were lots of amazing creations! We raised over a £100 for our outdoor playground equipment fund. WELL DONE to all of you that took part.

Deaf Awareness Week


Gary Northfield Visit


On Wednesday 27th April, cartoonist Gary Northfield visited us at Colman Junior School. He told us all about his work on Horrible Histories and the Beano before reading us some of his latest series Julius Zebra. Gary showed us how to draw the books’ star character, Julius and we have had great fun drawing our own cartoons back in class. Look out for books by Gary Northfield in our school library.


“You really inspired me to read, write and draw. When your next book comes out I’m going to read it straight away.” – Ayo

“The talk was really interesting. I loved listening to how you became a cartoonist.” – Kyle

“The talk was great. It made me feel I want to read more. I’m looking forward to finishing the book!” – Bailey


“The best part of the visit was when we got to draw Julius.” – Mornê

“I really enjoyed reading Julius the Zebra. It was really fun!” – Grayce

“The talk made me even more inspired to draw. I can’t wait to read another chapter of your amazing book. Thank you.” – Violette


“Gary Northfield’s talk made me feel like my imagination burst.” – Lily W


“Gary made me feel encouraged. When I’m older I’m going to do the same thing.” –Tru


Easter Extravaganza

Thursday 24th March was a very busy Easter events day!

Firstly, many of us brought in cakes for the Easter Cake Competition organised by the School Council. There was a prize for the best cake from each year group. The Executive School Council and Mr Ellis judged the cakes in the morning.
The winners were; Year 3 Alice, Year 4 Tru, Year 5 Aliya, Year 6 Emilia,

During lunchtime, the School Council helped to sell the cakes raising £151.51 for the Guide Dogs Association. Well done to all you amazing bakers.

Secondly, we had our traditional decorated egg competition. As you can see below there were as always some amazing entries.
The School Council and Mr Ellis also judged the entries in the morning.
The winners were: Year 3 Darby Year 4 Carla Year 5 Oona Year 6 Henry

Thirdly, the School Council organised a Easter poster competition. Entries were displayed in the hall. Congratulations to all of you who took part. There were many amazing posters which made it very difficult to judge but the overall winners were; Year 3 Florence Year 4 Teegan  Year 5 …….  Year 6  Martina

Lastly, the whole school participated in the traditional Jarping Competition. A winner from each year group class competed against one another to find year group winners.  Year 3 and 4 year group winners competed against one another to find a lower school winner. Year 5 and 6 year group winners competed against one another to find an upper school winner. This year’s overall Jarping winner was Lauren M (Year 3) and runner-up Lennan (Year 6). Well done to all those who took part, it was a very supportive, sporting event and great fun to watch.

Jarping Final

Our Easter Fund-Raising Event

Respecting One Another – A visit from Keith and Shayler

Linked to our Spring Term fund-raising charity event for the Guide Dogs Association,  Keith brought his guide dog Shayler into assembly. Keith explained that around 180,000 people who are blind or partially sighted in the UK rarely or never leave their homes. Shayler’s arrival had been life-changing and enabled him to be more independent and also gave him the confidence to leave the house alone.

The School Council raised £151.51 from the Easter Cake sale to be sent to the Guide Dogs Association to help train a puppy.

Thank you for your support.

Life in Japan


What an exciting afternoon we had when Japan came to our school. Supported by staff and volunteers from UEA and parents from school, the whole school had a chance to experience life in Japan for an afternoon. We started by watching a short presentation about the country and then saw an example of Japanese animated cartoons. Then there were opportunities to try origami, design a kimono, have a go at manga style drawing, play some traditional games and even taste freshly made sushi. We finished the afternoon by learning some Japanese words and phrases. Thank you so much to all the volunteers for their time and to the children for their enthusiasm.

The Houses of Parliament

During December, as part of our SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural) development learning, we have been finding out about what goes on in The Houses of Parliament and the role of the Queen. We were lucky enough to be able to look at all sorts of artefacts and resources using the Parliament loan box and we enjoyed testing our knowledge.

Carol Service

On Thursday 17th December, the entire school were welcomed by Rev. Richmond at Christ Church for our annual carol service. Thank you to those parents and carers who were also able to join us for what was a fantastic, festive event which got us all into the Christmas spirit.

We listened to some excellent performances by our orchestra, choir and recorder ensemble as well as a very impressive solo by Henry. Year 6 pupils read the Christmas story clearly and we all enjoyed singing along with the congregation hymns which we had been practising in assemblies. Thank you to Mrs McInnes, Mrs Denton and all of the performers for their hard work in preparation for this brilliant occasion.

Cluster POD Art Project

The Cluster Art project theme of ‘How do you feel welcomed?’ was introduced to pupils from the Cluster schools to launch the POD Art Project.

The aim of the project is to represent the POD through Art using textiles, different mediums and techniques.

Initially, we shared our sketch books. Year 5 have been busy and had lots of ideas and work to share.

It was time to go outside and collect! We brought in all kinds of leaves, wood, stones, pieces of bark and seed pods.

Next, we were introduced to jelly boards. They were very wobbly and great for creating patterns. We worked in mixed groups, helping one another to create our prints on both paper and fabric. We looked closely at the items we had collected for colour, texture and shapes.

As you can see below, we created a lot of different designs.

The next task was to bury some cloth filled with rusty nails, copper, leaves and string. We had pieces of cotton which we covered in vinegar and water. As you can see from the photos below, we had fun wrapping string around the fabric and objects to create small parcels.

We all had a turn at digging to create three holes for our parcels. We made predictions of what the fabric might look like when we dug it up. We have to now wait and see!

A fun day was had by all and we are looking forward to the next Cluster POD Art day.

What did you learn today?

Morad – I learnt how to use a jelly board to create a print and it was so much fun.

Florence – I learnt how to use a jelly paste. It was great fun. I also know that we can use a collection of things from the wildlife woods for art. We had to use vinegar which was disgusting!

Ivy – I learnt how to use a jelly board and it is really cool. You put blobs of paint and use a roller to roll the paint and print on the paper.

What did you enjoy most?

Morad – I enjoyed digging the hole to put the parcel inside and then to cover it up.

Florence – Well, I can not really decide… I liked all of it but quite liked squeezing the brown vinegar on to the fabric. It made me sneeze.

Ivy – I enjoyed the vinegar and salt fabric making. We had to dig a hole near the Pod.

Summer Fair – Friday 3rd July 2015

summer fair flyer 2015 (2)

National Libraries Day – Saturday February 7th

Celebrate National Libraries Day on Saturday February 7th from 11-12:30 at Earlham Library.

Join in with lots of Harry Potter activities including a fiendish quiz. Come along in Wizarding robes, Harry Potter fancy dress or your best Muggle attire! Free entry. For children aged 6 and over. Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult. To find out more and to let us know you’re coming call: 01603 454338 or speak to staff at the library.