Colman Junior School is committed to meeting the requirements of the new primary curriculum from September 2014. The new National Curriculum can be found at:

End of Year Expectations

These are outlined by the National Curriculum as the minimum requirements children should meet each year.

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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum has been redeveloped to reflect the content and challenge of the new National Curriculum.

Year 3

thumbnail of Yr 3 CJS Curr Map 2018-19

Year 4

thumbnail of Yr 4 CJS Curr Map 2018-19

Year 5

thumbnail of Yr 5 CJS Curr Map 2018-19

Year 6

thumbnail of Yr 6 CJS Curr Map 2018-19

The curriculum is taught with the consideration of the needs of all learners. Our curriculum is exciting and we hope it will inspire children to nurture a lifelong passion for learning.

The most important work of the school is learning. We believe that every member of the school community is a learner and we aim to nurture life-long learning. We also believe that how we are learning is as important as what we are learning and strive to find ways to make learning enjoyable, engaging and meaningful. We include many opportunities for practical activity, learning outside, learning through investigation and learning through play.

We encourage learners to ask questions and to take responsibility for their own learning, learning as much from mistakes as successes. Our school is a relaxed and happy environment where children and staff feel safe and secure and are therefore more willing to take risks and creative leaps. We ensure that every pupil enjoys a broad and balanced range of learning experiences. We place great emphasis on developing key literacy and numeracy skills, as these are essential for life-long learning.

We believe in promoting and developing skills that can be used in any area of life. Thinking skills are actively taught throughout the school and there are daily opportunities to apply these directly. Creativity is highly valued and children are encouraged to see things differently. We believe that all children are gifted and talented in some way and that it is our task as a school to find out how.

Curriculum Overviews