Physical Education is the aspect of the curriculum concerned with the development of physical skills, knowledge and understanding in games, gymnastics, dance, athletics, outdoor & adventurous activities and swimming.

We devote two hours a week to the delivery of PE, in the form of indoor, outdoor or swimming sessions (at our own pool.) Pupils remain with their base class for the indoor session; for the outdoor and swimming activity, each year group is divided into three groups –roughly twenty children- based around swimming ability.  Consistently, 90-95% of leavers achieve 25m, which is well above the National average (55% as reported in The 2014 School Swimming census.)

Physical education promotes personal, social, intellectual and physical skills and we believe it helps to develop co-operation, tolerance, teamwork and self-esteem.  Our school aims to promote and inspire an enjoyment in undertaking exercise in all children that will, hopefully, be continued into adulthood as part of a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to lessons within the curriculum, we encourage children to take part in a wide range of extra- curricular clubs, these change from term to term – many are free to attend (some run at lunchtime) though some involve a cost or may have a limit on numbers. (Recent figures show around 66% of children attended at least one sporting club.) See the attached clubs list.

We also involve children in ‘House’ events where possible (water polo & korfball this year) and whole school events like sports day or the Eaton park fun run.

Finally, we aim to be involved in a wide a range and number of competitive inter-school events. These events cover all ages and we attempt to include as wide a range of children possible.

So far this year the school has competed in; football, korfball, cross country,  athletics, rugby, netball and cycling,  while some our year 4 students are working towards the SSP Dance show in the summer.

(Last academic year, we took part in 50 events in 10 different sports –with 55% of pupil representing the school.)

Click here to see photos and reports from recent events.